Hello World

Every first-year programmer will be familiar with the “hello world” exercise in which the basics of output are learned. It seems fitting that I should begin my blog in this similar fashion. My website has gone through several iterations now (this being the fourth). And it seems that alexyeung.com is just perpetually “under construction”. The truth is, I start each version of my website with a vision of a finalized product. But ultimately, for any number of reasons, I fail to follow through on the execution of the project. Then, usually some time later, I get inspired to completely change the whole layout, starting from scratch, with the intention of publishing some content for the site. But by the time I’m done with the visual stuff, my mind has moved on to other projects. Well, this time, I’m determined!!

Even the very first version of my website had a section where I intended for some of my writing and thoughts to be showcased but as with so many things in my life, I get distracted by my other interests and that section of my site remained empty. It is my hope that some of the fruits of those interests can finally be displayed and chronicled here. The challenge for me will come at the completion of one project to resist the urge to simply move on to another without posting something here. As much as this blog is about showcasing my work to others, it also serves as a record of my efforts for my future self to remember. Hopefully, having such a record will serve as signposts from which I can track my growth as I look back on the journey of my life.