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Pure Investments
Pure Investments is a multifaceted investments and trading firm with holdings in Capital Markets and Real Estate.

The Trading Division specializes in identifying low-risk opportunities with the potential for high yielding results and capitalizes on these momentum & technical shifts in the market through the trading of ETF & Forex CFDs.

The Real Estate Division specializes in the acquisition and management of positive-cash-flow rental properties in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. My extraordinary investment acquisition team & I source properties that maximize return on investment capital and execute the deal while my dedicated property management team conducts all on-site operations.

Our vision is to bring social back in to Socially Responsible Investing. Investors and the entire industry as a whole have increasingly become detached from their investments. Whether it’s stocks or real estate, all too often, the focus is on the numbers; revenue, profit and ratios are the determining factors that influence investing decisions. However, we forget that people are the driving force behind every investment; it’s the people we ultimately invest in.

Stocks are a piece of a business that we buy. That business makes decisions that have an impact on society and the world around us. At Pure Investments, we believe that investing should be responsible and thus, we only invest in companies that operate with the highest standards of social conscience and values.

In real estate, our tenants are more than just our customers, they’re our family. Our goal is to provide great housing to great people and we firmly believe in maintaining close personal relationships and fostering an environment of trust.

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