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The world knows two universal languages: mathematics and music. Where math deepens our understanding of the universe around us, music gives us a glimpse of one of the most mysterious realms in the universe: human emotion. Music allows us to discover within ourselves the most profound depths of emotion that words alone simply can’t express. Through rhythm, pitch, timbre and volume, coupled with phrasing and a talented touch, music has the ability to truly move us, covering the full emotional gamut from uncontainable elation to paralyzing breathlessness.

I‘m truly blessed to have music in my life and to have found my life’s true passion. It brings me such ineffable joy to be a traveller on this lifelong journey of discovery, continually exploring and immersing myself in the process of mastering some of the world’s most moving musical pieces, truly reflecting on what each phrase reveals of humanity’s best qualities. Music has the ability to awaken within us that which we have forgotten, rekindling those inexplicable feelings that for a moment, however brief, make manifest the revelation of our true innocence and vulnerability.